Moving on…

All good things must come to an end! I will no longer be working on MFootball during the 2014 NPLV season, instead, I will be working with Donald Sutherland as a Digital & Social Media producer at Melbourne Knights FC.

The opportunity to work in a media role at one of the most historic football clubs, not only in Melbourne, but in Australia is something that can only benefit and further my career. I will graduate from university at the end of this year and want to enter the full time workforce with as much experience as possible; this job at Knights gives me the chance to develop the required skills and knowledge I don’t yet have.

While I do feel sad at having to give up something I’ve worked so hard on for so long, the opportunity at Knights is something I simply couldn’t say no to.


Don and I started MFootball in March 2012 with two main intentions:

  • To practise the skills we were being taught at University and to further our careers
  • To fill the gap in mainstream media’s football coverage, to be comprehensive

Almost two years later, I think we’ve done a great job. Our own career prospects have improved dramatically through the experience we’ve gained and the people we’ve met; and our coverage of football in Melbourne, especially below the A-League, has set the standard for those following in our footsteps.

MFootball has taught me valuable lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ve learnt what it’s like to be a real journalist, to ask the hard questions, to dig deep for the truth. I’ve learnt how to run a ‘business’, to organise staff, to plan for the future, to drive brand recognition, to connect with important people. Finally, and most importantly, I’ve learnt that working in a digital media space is where I want make my living.


I would like to thank Don for his unbelievable amount of hard work in establishing MFootball as the leading source of Melbourne football news. His work ethic and drive is unmatched and is a large reason behind the success of the site; he certainly pushed me to work my hardest and achieve my best.

I would also like to thank everyone else who has contributed to the site in their own way. Without the help of each and every one of you, there is no way MFootball would be able to function. We have photographers pitchside in the freezing cold and extreme heat to bring our audience professional photos – for no payment. We have a team of writers trekking all over Melbourne, rain, hail or shine, to report on matches and events – for no payment.

You all gave up your free time, to work for nothing, to improve the standard of content on the site – I’ll never be able to truly express how thankful I am for that!


Let me be clear, this is not the end of MFootball! It will continue to function in one way or another but the time has come for me to move on and explore new opportunities.

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