Statement regarding MFootball

By Donald Sutherland and Tom Pollock

Today, we have both officially stepped away from our limited roles at MFootball.

To take a step back and watch someone take over what you created has been a hard process for us. We acknowledge the recent events regarding breaches of the MEAA Journalists’ Code of Ethics and a sway from our original vision, which is the main catalyst for our decision.

We have had very little to do with the day-to-day decisions and editorial approach of MFootball since February 2014 when we both joined Melbourne Knights FC’s media department. MFootball gathered a loyal following for a particular style of news coverage. First and foremost, original and independent content. Secondly, unwavering, fearless journalism. Thirdly, localised, niche coverage of football within Melbourne.

We’re proud of the fact that MFootball was a launching pad for a whole lot of media professionals now working in the sports industry – ourselves included – and we hope that these same opportunities are offered at MFootball in the future.

We want to thank the current website administrators for keeping the website alive – it would have definitely died after we went to the Knights. The current administrators were in the process of properly registering the business to assist with revenue streams, which included the opportunity for us to be directors – in an advisory role – with a small percentage of shares.

However, given the current direction and state of the website, we’ve decided not to pursue those roles. Upon our departure, we strongly advised the current website administrators to consider a rebrand of the site as we believe this is in the best interests of all involved.

We wish the guys all the best with the future of the site, whatever that may look like.